• Getting the new phone setup this year was a lot rougher than I remember. Stalled 13.1 update, overlapping dialogs and 2FA popups that were inaccessible, several “Unknown Error” failures, and no automatic number transfer.

  • Several apps I use regularly had their own dark mode before the iOS 13 update, but now use the system-wide preference. I turned dark mode off in iOS 13 because mail looked so bad to me, and was seeing light mode for the first time in a while.

    Turns out I don’t like dark mode as much as I thought.

  • Zoom offered to fix my audio issue if I “just” typed in my admin password.

    Hell. No.

  • Ugh. Just ran into a UISegmentedControl issue on apps built with Xcode 11 on iOS 13. When setting the selection index to noSelection it changes the property, but visually keeps the last selected item highlighted.

  • Decided I would try to fix an old compressor that keeps tripping a breaker if there is any pressure in the tank when it turns on. Replaced the check valve, and the pressure switch, and the thing still stalls out. Disappointed, but happy I took the time to try fixing it.

  • New toy

  • They make it look so easy on all the YouTube channels I watch.

  • Still some painting to do, but landscaping went in.

  • And the masons finished up the stonework around the outside today.

  • The inside of the bay is all finished.

  • Last sunset at the beach before we head back.

  • Afternoon showers interrupted our swim.

  • Morning walk

  • B-29 FiFi in Muncie today.

  • There goes the diet

  • Afternoon at the museum

  • Subway!

  • The yellow face, it burns us!

  • Excited

  • Battery Park

  • First mud is on the walls, and they’ve started putting down the flooring. Windows are supposed to arrive next week.

  • The landings.

  • The launch. Unfortunately, I stopped recording right before the side boosters split off.

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